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Who are We?

The British Light Continuous Council was formed early in 2007 and is the only sanctioning body that caters exclusively for Ring based Light Continuous Kickboxing Competition.

Many governing bodies who have sanctioned this style of competition in the past have done so as a side line to full contact or semi contact and have therefore not given it the respect, time and attention it deserves. The B.L.C.C aimed to change all this operating as a totally non profit organisation in an attempt to help promote and sanction Light Continuous title eliminators and title fights at Area, English and British level giving fighters a platform to perform on and goals to work towards in their chosen sport.

Ultimately through higher level of competition the big picture is to produce better quality fighters and champions that will be good enough to then take on fighters from Europe and the rest of the World in International competition.

What makes us different, and is this just another governing body?

Well, what makes us different I guess is that we are the only sanctioning body that exclusively deals with ring Light Continuous, No mats, no full contact and no thai boxing, just what it says on the tin, Ring Light Continuous.

Also what makes us different is the fact that we will work and give title opportunities to anyone providing they are worthy of a shot. No extra licence to buy and no sanction fees to money hungry associations, just like minded people working together for the good of the sport of ring Light Continuous.

Already we have spoke to and got endorsements of some of the pioneers of ring Light Continuous from all over the country and from people who have experience working with all of the major existing governing bodies. These people are sure that with egos and politics aside that they can work together and build up the sport and the Light Continuous circuit to the level that it so richly deserves to be at.

We as a Council have a sound knowledge of the existing Light Continuous circuits and many of the Light Continuous based clubs and fighters from around the United Kingdom.

We also have a data base of opponents weights and ability's and contact details to hand.

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What do we aim to offer?

Simply, Title fights to the worthy, Title elimination contests to the contenders. Help with the matching of top quality Light Continuous fighters for your events on both daytime competitions and evening shows.

What do we get?

In a word nothing, but the satisfaction that we are taking a positive step forward for the sport of Light Continuous.

Join the revolution, and get on board!
What have you got to lose?

BLCC President - Neil Kelly